Aqua Feed Supplement


ECOGOLD ENERMOL is an herbal extract mixture which facilitates at least 15/20 days early harvesting of different shrimp varieties (Venami, Tiger, Scambi), Fish being grow inland.

As this specially formulated powder has key ingredients to enhance the immunity levels in Shrimp and fish, the shrimp not only grow faster but also very healthy. This being 100% natural product, there are no side effects and there should not be any problem in exporting the catch to USA, Japan etc.

Some farmers use ‘Astaxenthin’ for attractive color and other benefits in shrimp culture. Right quantity of specially imported Astaxenthin is being added to ENERMOL- afs (special) and the farmer is free form that exercise with some savings. This product is being manufactured in a well equipped facility and being released after thorough testing at affordable prices.

Major Benefits :
  • As the harvesting time is cut down by 10-15 days, there is not only saving in the feed cost, but also other management costs.
  • It has been observed that prawns gain extra 3-4 gm weight in shorter time and ensures uniform growth.
  • As the feed is better consumed (FCR), the accumulation of waster at the bottom of the ponds is reduced drastically.
  • The Immunity levels improve to a great extent and thus optimizes body resistance, and growth. Ultimately, livability increase and so, survival rate.
  • The Prawn / fish is not only more healthier but can also withstand hot summers much better. Reduces post moulting mortality in prawns.
  • It optimizes efficiency of hepatopancreas and thus normalizes physiology, digestion, feed intake, etc and thus improves weight gain.
  • It minimizes stress in general and disease outbreak thus minimizing the losses.

Usage / Dosage :
This fine powder has to be given twice a day (morning and evening) along with the feed from day 1 of the culture.
This can be blended to feed - by using fish oil or binder (which is supplied along with the pack ) it has to be ensured that all powder sticks to the fees which will give good results.

Shrimp :
  • Less than 30 days :2-3 gms/ kg feed (2-3 kg MT Feed)
  • After 30 days till harvest : 5gms / kg feed (5kg/MT Feed)

Fish :2-3kg/mt Feed

The farmer gets innumerable benefits by using ECOGOLD ENERMOL (AFS) which in turn makes Aquaculture more safe.

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