Milk Growth Promoter

We offer Milk Growth Promoter under the brand name of ECOGOLD BIO SKHEERA. Milk Growth Promoter, offered by us, is 100 % natural with absolutely no side effects. It has been developed after 6 years of extensive research and tested in laboratory & animals at Veterinary university and many other dairies. Our assortment of Milk Growth Promoter is sure to improve the health of animals besides increasing milk yields and SNF.

Features :
  • Safe to use having no chemicals
  • Citrus smell and well liked by the animals
  • Herbal product and not Synthetic or Hormonal or Antibiotic
  • Gives extra milk / Fat as a result of overall improvement in animal health
  • Cost effective
  • Accepted by modern scientists & veterinary doctors

Ecogold Bio Ksheera Composition
Ecogold Bio Ksheera is a proportionately balanced Herbal extract mixture in a salt base and mixed with essential minerals & Vitamins.

All Herbs have been cited in Ayurveda and are thus very safe for consumption by cattle.

Mode of Action :
  • Ecogold Bio Ksheera induces production of Nitric (NO) from endothelial cells of animals.
  • Nitric oxide a key role in the improvement of health of any animal.
  • Nitric oxide very good antimicrobial activity and thus gives high disease resistance and increased immunity.
  • Nitric oxide A natural antioxidant and overall health of the animal improves.
  • Nitric oxide is a good anti- pathogenic agent and has broad activity against bacteria, Fungi, Protozoa and several.

Benefits of Ecogold Bio Ksheera :
  • Increase Milk Yield(10-15%) on regular usage of the product.
  • Increase Milk Fat/ SNF (3-6%)
  • Improves Feed Conversion Ratio
  • Improves Energy Levels & Overall Health
  • Harmonal Levels are improved with much pregnancy success rate
  • Stimulates Immune Levels
  • The heat stress in the animal is substantially reduced.

Usage of Ecogold Bio Ksheera :
  • To be mixed with feed once a day

Dosage (To be mixed with feed once a day) :
  • Lactating Animals (Cow / Buffalo) â 30grams/day to 50 grams depending on life, Body, Weight.
  • Small Animals (Goats/Sheep/Calves)- 20 grams/day
  • Animals Like Horse/Camel/Pig-50gm/day


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