Organic Crop Protectant


All Season Agricultural & Horticultural Spray A New approach for controlling multiple sucking pests. Preventing Plant Sucking Pest, Fungus & Viral Disease Multiple Problems Ă¢€“ One Organic Solution

Used to :
  • Protect crops, fruits, vegetables & horticulture products against sucking pests, fungus and viral diseases with no residues

Features :
  • Leaves no residues on fruits, crops, land and on soils
  • Economical
  • Safe
  • Very effective
  • Multipurpose
  • Protects humanĂ¢€™s environment from Chemicals Toxic pesticides
  • Completely organic

Major tool in integrated Pest management

Benefits to farmers :
  • Reduces pest control costs.
  • Reduce number of sprays, simultaneously controls various pests and diseases
  • Makes farmers use less synthetic pesticides
  • Increase crop values
  • Better quality
  • Residue free
  • Low toxic risk to farmer health (LD50>5000 mg/kg), safer than common salt.
  • Low risk of environmental pollution.

Ecogold 999 Plus CAN Control
  • Mites (e.g European red mite, two spotted mite, rust mite and broad mite), MAPLE BLADDER GALL MITE.
  • Armored scales (e.g Soft Brown Scale and Pink Wax Scale), Azalea Bark Scale, Black Scale, Elongate Hemlock Scale, Euonymus Scale, European Elm scale, Fig Scale, Fletcher Scale, Frosted Scale, Italian Pear Scale, Magnolia Scale.
  • Thrips, Mealy bugs, Aphids, Leaf miner, White flies.

Samples are available on request.

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